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The Songwriter Gloria L. Foster

The Songwriter

Gloria L. Foster

Published May 1st 2008
ISBN : 9781419692390
104 pages
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 About the Book 

The Songwriters main character Sheila LeClaire is a seemingly happy character who is suffering from mental disease. In her battle with depression, Sheila examines her entire life that has affected her condition. Sheila goes through a process on her own and through her dreams in discovering her past. Jonathan Stevenson, her friend, is right by her side in her battle and is extremely intuitive, caring, and patient. Sheila is reconnected with her friends Valencia and Allie who help her piece together memories from her past as she self-heals. This fiction book of Sheilas life, her friend Jonathan Stevenson, and descriptions of other characters keeps the reader flipping pages inquisitively. The reader empathizes with Sheilas untreated condition. The Songwriter is a very captivating book. It is emotional and has descriptive characterizations, settings, and plots.