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Pharaoh Is It Thou Sparks Thewriter

Pharaoh Is It Thou

Sparks Thewriter

Published February 28th 2014
ISBN : 9781496115348
132 pages
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 About the Book 

Trying to live right is both wonderful and challenging. In the book Pharaoh is it Thou, we will take a look at the struggling situation that the people of Exodus experienced. A closer observation of this dynamic story shows us many similar challenges of our own. It is through this journey of their freedom from bondage that we find the hidden answers to overcoming many of our own obstacles and challenges in life. As we uncover these events we will find many things that havent been talked about until now. While referencing to the bible itself, the writer focuses on the revealing things about this story that is targeted to help people. It is a moment of self building and overcoming the trying times that people face in todays tempting world. In addition to a great lesson this book includes a question and answer section for your personal experience that allows you to participate. The author also includes a biblical trivia section and examples with descriptive charts to give you a better insight. This informative piece of work from beginning to end is packed with revealing ingredients for the unbelievers, believers, and everyone else in between. This book is unlike any other. It has definitely gained a lane of its on in the book world! You want this one in your collection! PHARAOH IS IT THOU? -Eula Mae Ryans Youth Director This Book will help Millions